Why these are the best dog biscuits ever!

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Veterinary Founded

Paul the Vet was tired of the bland, fast-food treats found in pet stores for his dog Cookie. But he couldn't find treats made from premium & organic ingredients, that could be baked fresh at home. So he created them himself.


Certified Organic

We want the best for your dog, so we use only the finest all-natural, organic ingredients in our dog treat baking mix. No chemicals, no additives, no yuk.

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Quick. Easy. Simple.

Throw together our baking mix, 1/2c water & a spoonful o' peanut butter, cookie cut away & you're done! You can have organic dog treats baking in the oven in minutes! Basically, you can be a home-baking superstar.

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How do I love thee? From the comfort of home

After all, life's about the moments we create. Plus your kitchen is going to smell of amazing yumminess.

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Wholesome stuff we'd bake for ourselves!

Who has time to research recipes, track down special ingredients & bake from scratch? Don't worry we got you! All ingredients are plant-based, human-grade & made from the same wholesome, all-natural stuff we'd bake for ourselves!

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Reusable, plastic-free & compostable

Our world is too precious to waste. Our resealable pouch can be reused to store your biscuits, then when finished put in the compost as it's plastic-free & compostable!

About Us

BarkyBakey treats were developed during lockdown by Paul the vet, who wanted to give his dog extra-special treats for being a good girl (which he says, was always). Not satisfied with the bland, fast-food selection available in the shopping isles, he longed for high quality, organic treats that could be made from the comfort of home. So he created them himself.

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